Injured is a tough way to start a running blog, but here I sit with a lot of time on my hands.
 The walking boot.  Three words a runner never wants to hear.
This runner tried and tried to avoid it.  Walked around with the prescription in my wallet for two whole weeks before I filled it.  I hoped and prayed the sharp stabbing pain on the inside of my right shin would go away by itself.   But it didn’t.  Then, after succumbing to the thought of wearing the boot and visiting the medical device store, I didn’t wear it consistently.  I would wear it for a few days, things would seem better so I would go for a run.  A mile or two into the run the pain would return.  I would put the boot back on for another few days and things would seem better and, wouldn’t you know, the weather was so fall-ish and crisp that I just HAD to get out for a run.  Guess what?  Pain would return.  Boot went back on.  Then I noticed how beautiful the leaves were along my favorite running trail, so I put my running shoes again….
You know what happens next.  This continues for 8 weeks…. boot, rest, run, boot, rest, run.
So, on November 1st, two whole months after the injury first occurred, I resolved to end this cycle of injury.  You know what I did?  I created a sticker chart.
Yes, the same type a mother creates for her children to entice them to ‘be good’.  Three weeks of  Xs on the chart and I get a reward!  What kind of reward?  The reward to be able to start training for a marathon – San Diego Rock n Roll – (and maybe a new pair of Smith Optics sunglasses).  So far, so good.  My leg is feeling good, but the chart reminds me to hold strong!  Stay the course.  Stay The Course.

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