Bosque Bike Ride

Thursdays are turning out to be my favorite day of the week.  My three year old attends an art class at the Albuquerque Museum for an hour and a half each morning which allows me some free time.  I was feeling a little guilty yesterday – most of the moms sit right outside the classroom and read or drink coffee while their child is in class. My son has expressed concern about me leaving while he is in class, but I reminded myself the importance of ‘me time’ – this mommy needs her sweat time.  While Connor leaned about a new culture and created art yesterday, I hopped on my bike for an 8 mile bike ride through the bosque (spanish for ‘woods’).  Albuquerque has a fantastic, 16 mile bike trail that mirrors the Rio Grande River – the Paseo del Bosque Trail.  It’s one of my favorite spots in the city because while the trail runs right through the heart of the city, you can go miles without seeing another person or car.  Here are a few pictures from my bike ride.


Picture taken while on the move… Peak color was about two weeks ago, but there were a few cottonwoods that still were vibrant orange and yellow.


Can you see the blue trees?  The trees trunks were painted blue in 2012 as an international art project to gain awareness for energy conservation and the importance of trees, called the Blue Tree Project.  I just love the contrast with the turning leaves.


Tingley Beach.  Loved the reflection of the trees on the calm waters.  And to finish off the ride, Image

a little down time with my soy latte before picking up my budding artist.


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