Monday’s Motivation


Quick update: I have completed two whole, LONG weeks wearing the walking boot. I almost fell off the wagon last week, but with the support and encouragement of my Another Mother Runner friends, I backed off and kept to the schedule. And guess who’s leg is feeling better?!! It is feeling so, so much better! But, as you can see from the schedule, I promised myself one more week of no running to really solidify the healing process and I am going to stick with it. The reward? Being able to run the Turkey Trek with my 6 yr old. Every year we run the race as a family and this will be Cate’s first year not riding in the jogging stroller next to her brother. I may have even convinced her and her brother to dress up for the costume contest they are holding this year – my daughter as a chef with a turkey baster and my son as a turkey. I hope that idea comes off funny, not twisted. 🙂

So, one more week. I can do it. Off to Pilates!

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