Holiday Running Streak

My 2nd annual Holiday Running Streak is set to begin in just under a week.  Last year after reading about the suggestion in Runner’s World, my husband and I took on the challenge.  The magazine suggests running at least one mile a day from Thanksgiving through New Years Day, and some days that is all I did.  Other days I managed 3, 5 or more miles after getting out the door.  I felt it kept me accountable to a plan and made me remember to take care of myself through the holidays.  Even our Elf on the Shelf got into the streak last year:

This year, with my shin still bothering me, I plan to run OR walk the mile each day.  The point is to just get out the door and get some fresh air.  And while I am at it, I think I am going to institute the same “get outside” plan for my kids.  After reading this article from NPR about children being less fit today than in the 1970s, I started thinking about the winter months and how we hole up in the house – drinking hot chocolate and not being as active.  I am going to encourage the kids to get outside each day and do something active for a half hour – ride bikes, go to the park, go for a walk around the neighborhood and look at Christmas lights.  I think getting them outside each day will help with the 5 o’clock to bedtime ‘crazies’ that seem to have already started with the time change and it getting dark earlier.

What is your plan for getting through the holiday time while staying active?


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