A Second Opinion

After wearing my walking boot religiously for the last three weeks and still having pain in my shin I decided it was time to go back to the orthopedist.  I decided to try a new doctor because while waiting to see the orthopedist back in September I heard her yelling at a patient in the room next to me!  I couldn’t believe a doctor would treat a patient so horribly! When she came to see me a few minutes later she was less the understanding about my race coming up and wanting to run.  She dismissed me pretty quickly, told me my pain had something to do with a ligament, not the bone, and gave me the prescription for the walking boot.  For the record, she did tell me to come back in a week or so if I was still having pain, but I never did.    

Now, 10 weeks later I decided to take a chance on a new doctor – Dr. Chestnut.  Isn’t that the sweetest name?  I figured anyone with the name Chestnut had to be a good person – and he was.  He was understanding – turns out he is a runner as well – and ordered new X-rays of my leg to see if a stress fracture had developed since my last X-rays in September.  The X-rays revealed a normal, healthy bone and he diagnosed periostitis – an inflammation of the covering of the bone that attaches to the ligaments – fancy name for bad shin splints.   He suggested new orthodics for my shoes and since specially made orthodics can run upwards of $300, he suggested getting Sole inserts from REI.  They are moldable inserts that you wear for a few days, then bake in the oven to lock in your foot shape.  I’ve been wearing them for a day or so now and love them already.  Only time will tell if they fix my leg problem, but I am hopeful!

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