A Snowy Run

Today’s weather called for 30ish degrees and falling snow all day.  Miracle of miracles – school was NOT cancelled.  Usually if there is a flake of snow falling the kids get a delay at the very least, but not today!  Wohoo! I bundled up, and hit the streets while Connor was at art class.  Here’s a few pics from my snowy adventure:


This is going to be fun!


Love ristras with snow on them!


San Felipe de Neri Church in Old Town – built in 1793


Snow accumulation on my sunglasses after 4 miles.


Love snow on desert plants.


Frosty legs

It was a nice, easy 4 miles and it was so beautiful to see Old Town covered in snow.  My leg had a few twinges of shin splints, hence my 110% Play Harder Flat Out Compression socks, but overall it was pain-free. I’m still struggling with getting my pace back to pre-injury status, but every run I get stronger.


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