A, B, and C Goals


I’ve got some mixed feeling about Sunday’s half marathon.  This will be the first race I have trained for in over a year that I probably will not PR in.  I had  a pretty good streak going last year before I got injured – I was PRing every race I ran.  And constantly improving your time can become quite addicting.  So, here I sit, with about 7 weeks of training under my belt and my speed isn’t anywhere near where it was the last time I ran a half marathon, so I know a PR is going to be impossible.  I’m hoping by setting an A, B and C goal for the race I can feel accomplished when I finish the race, and not disappointed because of the time on the race clock. 

Goal A (I’ll be happy if I can….): Run the whole race.  7 weeks ago I couldn’t even run.  Be happy I am at the race, running, and crossing the finish line.  And to remind myself of this, I will be wearing this shirt: 


This awesome tech shirt can be found at Anothermotherruner.com!

Goal B (I’ll be super-happy if I can….):  Start at a 10min mile, hold that through mile 8, then pick up the pace until the end.  Finish time sub 2:20.  

Goal C (I’d be over the moon if I can…): Closer to 2hrs.  Depends how my leg feels.  Maybe the stars will align.  Maybe not.

Whatever happens at the race, I just need to remember that I have the Albuquerque Half Marathon in April and this race is setting a good base to begin my training for that race in two weeks.  I’m going to go out and enjoy the race and see what happens. 

Mantra I will have on repeat in my head.

Mantra I will have on repeat in my head.

How do you deal with knowing you may not reach your personal best?  

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