December Goals

It’s the 1st of December and time to set some goals to get through the holiday season.

1. Back in January I decided I wanted to set an aggressive goal of running 1,000 miles this year.  I had originally considered 1,200  but thought I would give myself some wiggle room for injuries, and thank goodness for that.  Since I’ve logged a few miles in the last few days I thought it was time to see if I was going to make the 1,000 mile mark by the end of December and guess what?!…..


I’m 44 miles away from making the mark!  So goal #1 for the month – hit the 1,000 mile mark!

2. Stay healthy.  With Phoenix Rock and Roll just a month and a half away, I have some decisions to make.  I’m signed up for the marathon right now and conceivably could run/walk it if I add two miles a week to my long runs over the next 8 weeks, but I’ll have to see how training goes.  Is it the wisest decision to jump back on a marathon plan after a couple months off ?  No.  Is it hard to give up on my dream of taking on my second 26.2? Yes.  I can always drop down to the half marathon if things don’t go well in the next couple of weeks, but I’m going to see how it goes.  The ultimate goal is to stay healthy, though, so I can take part the race, whatever the distance.

3. Run one mile a day from Thanksgiving to New Years.  I love the Runner’s World Holiday Streak.  It keeps me accountable to something over the holiday and that 10 minutes of fresh air a day helps me clear my head.

4. Finish the Run Chat Holiday to Holiday Scavenger Hunt.  I love this idea and they are giving away some fun prizes for the people that participate.  You can follow people participating using the hashtag #runchathunt on twitter.